While traveling to India, I visited several sewing projects in the red light district of Kolkata.  These projects employ women who have found dignity and FREEDOM in their work.  Inspired by these women, I brought some beautiful Indian saree fabric back home, I dusted off my sewing machine and began to sew again.

This time with a purpose.

I made my first SafariBlanket for a dear friend’s mother who was fighting cancer at the time.  Seems everyone knows a story like this and it’s becoming all too common.  I wanted to DO something for the people right in front of me struggling with this awful disease.

Combining my love for travel, culture, sewing, fabrics, I found for the first time some purpose behind all these loves and a reason to bring them together.Safari Blankets

With every fabric bringing something wonderful and unique from their country and culture, you will find each SafariBlanket has a story of it’s own.  From India to Kenya, Thailand to Peru, these SafariBlankets are one of a kind, handmade with LOVE and sewn with a purpose.

THANK YOU for being on this journey with me and may God bless you!


Safari Heidi