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“Twende” is the Kiswahili word for 'go', to 'travel together', to be on a journey together.


Here at SafariBlankets, we offer trips to connect you with the stories behind the Blankets and products Whether you are bringing a handcrafted treasure into your home or joining us on one of our distinctive cultural trips it's our goal that you feel connected to our favorite parts of the world and encouraged to get engaged with the people behind the product.


SafariBlankets is committed to the well being of the places and people we interact  with.  We are passionate about making a positive difference in our world:  providing income and education to our supply and community partners and providing inspiration and adventure to you.  We appreciate and value the people and places we visit -- and take a relational approach to how we travel and engage with these friends around the world.  We ask our guests to join us in being respectful of the countries we visit --  people, culture and natural resources.

SafariBlanket founder and CEO Heidi Wright has been passionate about the world, it's people and cultures for over 3 decades.  Having experienced both rural village life in Uganda in the 1990's as well as big city Nairobi life in theearly 2000's, she has an infectious love for and understanding of the region, its people and wildlife. She has also lead and organized multiple groups to Kenya, India, Bolivia, and Guatemala.  Her experiences and relationships are your gateway to personal, up close and transformative experiences and products. With her husband Keith, their three teenage sons, and one beautiful adopted Kenyan daughter, they are now based in Oregon and hope to spend more and more time in Kenya in the future.