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Minivans-to-Matatus Women's Trip to Kenya (Children Welcome!) // January 10th-20th, 2018

12 Spots Available

Kenya is home to some of the greatest wildlife in all of Africa. It has captured our imaginations for generations and has provided inspiration for photographers, conservationists, and people from all walks of life.  Come alongside as we meet the women who make our Safari Bracelets and Baskets.



Exploring Cultural Northern India // June 18th-30th, 2018

6 Spots Available

Exploring behind the scenes- a bit of everything from shopping in Jaipur, visiting sewing projects in New Delhi, and a mountain retreat in the Himalayans!

Experience the many moods of exotic India with its dramatic landscapes, rustic and unexplored rural surroundings. 


Your safety and security is our top priority!  Our experience living and working in the region and leading trips helps us keep you safe and healthy during your travels.